Start Now! 3 Ways to Winter-proof Your Health

  1. Start that exercise routine now before it gets too cold and dark. Was it cycling, running, that yoga class you’ve been meaning to book, swimming, or going to the gym twice a week? Whatever it is, start now.
  2. Start taking your vitamin D supplements. I store the spray version of vitamin D in my bathroom cabinet near my toothbrush, once I brush my teeth, I spray underneath the vitamin D under my tongue.
  3. Start considering your sleep routine. No bright lights at night, no caffeine within 8-10 hours before bed, and start taking magnesium supplements before going to sleep. I also find that waking up to a SAD light lamp really helps to prevent the winter blues.
  4. Start now in the Autumn and you will a more likely to continue these habits automatically in the winter. Hope this helps.

    Ayo K.

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