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ayo hula hooping

2 months ago I picked up a hula-hoop and I could not get it to stay up. This time I was a little frustrated because regardless of how often I stretched and exercised, the range of motion I could introduce to my pelvis and hip was still limited. So guess what I did!

I went out during my lunch break, literally hunted down a hula-hoop and practiced everyday. You might think I’m crazy (and you might be right) but I am proud of what I achieved in the past 2 month.

Did you know that waist hooping can work up to 30 muscles? Hula-hooping not only helped me achieve my goal of better pelvic and hip mobility, I experienced many more benefits like stronger glutes (buttocks), hips and abdominal muscles. It also builds neural connections, which improves hand-eye coordination and most importantly for me it’s a lot of fun.

I am not trying to advertise hula-hooping to you, but I am trying to encourage you to try a new activity, it could be hula-hooping or trying a new class at the gym. Get out of your comfort zone and try a new activity and you just might like it!


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